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Can I give or receive support after the holiday season?

Yes! Our wish is that this program continues beyond the holidays. Each family and sponsor will be different and we will confront issues of additional support on a case-by-case basis. For questions or concerns, please contact us.

Who is eligible to be adopted?

The individuals and families who receive sponsorship and aid have all lost something significant due to the East Troublesome Fire. Some have lost everything - homes, possessions, jobs, vehicles and more. Others' lives and incomes have been significantly impacted by the destruction of the fire. All have lost a basic sense of security, comfort and safety.  

How will families be paired with sponsors?

The committee will do our best to pair sponsors and families based on levels of commitment and need. Learn more about the overall process on our 'How It Works' page.

Can I anonymously nominate a family?

Yes! All nominations will remain anonymous to the family and public.  

Can I choose the family I want to adopt?

If you know a family that has been nominated and they are not already paired with a sponsor, you may request them. We will do our best to honor these requests.  

Is there a deadline for nominations?

This is an ongoing effort that spans beyond the holiday. That being said, if you know the family you are nominating may have specific holiday wishes, please nominate as soon as possible so their wishes can be met. The sooner a family is nominated, the sooner that can be matched with a sponsor.  

Will everyone who signs up be matched with a family?

There is a chance that there will be more sponsors than there are families to adopt. We will try to find other ways to support and will notify all parties who are not matched with a family.  

If I am nominated, can my family remain anonymous?

Absolutely! However, because every situation is unique, we are encouraging families to allow contact from their sponsors so that specific needs and wishes can be discussed.  

What should I include on my wishlist?

Anything you are in current need of, especially to make the holiday season more comfortable. However, if your request exceeds $1,000, please contact the Grand Foundation.  

Is there somewhere I can make a general contribution?

We are directing all general contributions to the Grand Foundation. When making a donation, please indicate that you would like it to go to families and individuals impacted by the East Troublesome Fire.  

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